The Daffodil Hedge pt 2

In response to the previous post, my friend Rachel has sent me this:

“…you talked about a Forsythia Hedge in your latest post. I thought I’d share my own experience of this phenomenon. A few years ago I was walking from Rock Creek Park to Georgetown in Washington DC. In the middle of the woods I came upon a wall of flaming yellow forsythia. It turned out that this marked the fences of Dumbarton Oaks, a beautiful and historic house that is associated with the United Nations and Igor Stravinsky ( If you are ever in DC in the spring do go and drink in this beautiful oasis of springtime colour – R”
Forsythia hedge, D.C. Hedge, gardens
Thanks Rachel, I was going to go back out to find a picture of forsythia, but this is a bit grander than the front garden hedges of North London.


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2 responses to “The Daffodil Hedge pt 2

  1. betsy barker

    Because the growing season is so intense in the warmth of DC, hedges like this list only for days, not weeks as in the cooler UK! So lucky to be there just at that point…….

  2. I showed my daughter the previous entry and she’s asked me to make it clear that she has seen a real daffodil hedge but she isn’t going to tell me where it is now. Shame…

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