Birds and Hedges

Hedges are an important habitat for birds. Most birds that nest  in trees adapt to hedges if there is sufficient cover. Many original woodland species now rely on hedges for their habitat. Blackbirds, chaffinches, linnets, whitethroats and yellowhammers aren’t found in non-woodland areas without hedges. And many more species, including finches, thrushes, skylarks and jays can be found either nesting or feeding in hedges.

At my mother’s house recently I spent ages trying to take a decent picture of the horde of birds that flit in and out of her hedges. But they tended to see me coming and all disappear, so this is the only one I got where you can even see a bird, and because of the angle you can’t really see it’s a hedge.

I won’t be applying for a job as a wildlife photographer any time soon. I don’t have the patience.


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  1. betsy barker

    Awww….the birds were being very jumpy that day!!!

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