The Tallest Hedge in Britain

A couple of people have asked me to clarify what the tallest hedge in Britain is (since I previously included the tallest and largest yew hedges in Britain.)

It’s the hundred foot high Meikleour hedge to the north of Perth and south of Blairgowrie in Scotland, next to the A93, which was planted in 1745 by Robert Murray Nairne, shortly before the Battle of Culloden. When he died in that bloody, brutal battle, his grieving widow left the hedge to grow as a monument.

For the full story and a picture, see this link.

Edit. Correction to this post. The leylandii hedge at the pinetum at Bedgbury in Kent has now reached a ridiculous 130 ft tall, so is taller than the Meikleour beeches. I’m a bit miffed that the much-hated leylandii have claimed the record, but their ability to reach great heights is certainly impressive, even if it is also a cause of many problems between neighbours.


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