A few iconic English hedgerow pictures

Poppies growing in the hedgerow margin, beside a wheatfield. Even in the years of heaviest pesticide use, poppies tended to survive and propser in the hedgerows.

A white horse, through the gap in the hedge. not sure why white horses seem so iconic, though I guess the chalk horses such as the Uffington horse may be part of the reason. Lots of pubs called the White Horse too. Is it something mythological, related to white stags and white hares, or is it just the fact that white animals are relatively rare in the wild, so seem special? This picture is from the May bank holiday weekend, when the may blossom was still on the hawthorn.

Finally, a hedgerow tree. I admire the fact that this one almost died, but new growth is coming back at the base of the trunk.


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One response to “A few iconic English hedgerow pictures

  1. Rob

    Re. the white horse, there is similar fascination with white varieties of flowers that are normally coloured. Near me for example there is one white plant of restharrow among masses of pink plants and it does call attention to itself.

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