Chiltern poppies, Fenland mud

I’ve just got back from a day trip to Wisbech in Fenland (boring story). It was pelting with rain and the forked lightning was amazing in those gigantic skies, though the sheets of water on the road and rampaging lorries made it a bit of a terrifying journey- I didn’t really get the chance to stop off and enjoy the flat landscapes, just to be grateful that the road was on a bank up above the ditches, canals and mud. (The radio informs me there have been a lot of quite serious lightning strikes, including a tower at Gatwick and the trains into Kings Cross).

On the cheerier side I stopped somewhere on the edge of the Chilterns in one of the sunnier moments of the day and saw some amazing hedgerows and fields full of poppies. Not sure why the poppies are doing so well this year, I guess it’s something to do with the combination of an early spring followed by June’s downpours. Not good for all the crops, who suffered in the early rain, but there are a lot of plants and trees who are loving this slightly tropical weather.


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