Interesting hedge pictures wanted…

I’m just in the final stages of getting Hedge Britannia ready for publication.

I spent a lot of time in the last couple of years taking pictures of interesting hedges, topiary, weird hedgelike objects, hedge mazes, hedgelaying, hedges made of unusual species and so on. And now I am whittling down the results to choose the photos that will go in the book.

But I could still do with a few more, especially of eccentric topiaries, rural hedgerows, leylandii monstrosities and unusual hedges in general – so if anyone has an interesting hedge (or a nice picture of someone else’s hedge) and wouldn’t mind me sending me a photo to use in the book, you can contact me at – all contributions gratefully accepted and will of course be properly credited.



Filed under Everyday Hedges, Notable Hedges, Topiary

2 responses to “Interesting hedge pictures wanted…

  1. Tony Govier

    Dear Sir/madam, thought you may be interested in this photo, i was driving through the country when i spotted this interesting old gnarled tree, in the shape of an prehistoric creature peering out over the hedge! if you give me an email add, i could send it to you,

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