Dodie Smith reissues

I can’t remember if I mentioned it before, but in my day job I’m republishing some of the Dodie Smith novels. I Capture the Castle is pretty much always in print but her later novels went out of print ages ago – I really like them so I’ve managed to acquire them for the company I work for.

There was a big gap between I Capture the Castle (1949) and The New Moon with the Old (1963) – she did publish 101 Dalmatians in the meantime, but no other adult novels. I think what happened is that the reviewers in 1963 saw her as a bit dated, not part of the swinging sixties zeitgeist, so the later books were really underrated.

Anyhow, here are the covers (designed rather beautifully by Sara Mulvanny). The books will be available from reputable bookstores (and a few disreputable ones too…) from March 15th.



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2 responses to “Dodie Smith reissues

  1. Great covers – will be good to have a look at Town in Bloom and New Moon. I read Revelations a few years ago (salvaged from a charity shop) after enjoying the biography (which I read due to the chapter ‘Hot Buttered Toast’ in 101 Dalmations). Interesting that Valerie Grove is not sounding so keen these days; I took the impression of Dodie Smith as quite a characterful, witty woman from the biography.

  2. Thanks, I think Revelations is probably the weakest of the three, still enjoyable but a bit dated because of the subject matter. None of them are as astonishing as I Capture the Castle, but that is an impossible book to match, and I think her later books were under-rated for that reason.

    I do think Valerie Grove’s biography is pretty fair and enjoyable, so I was a bit surprised by how hostile she seemed. I guess that beyond the charm, Dodie could be a bit self-absorbed, so it could get annoying if you had to sit and read every word of her diaries. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the Town in Bloom and the New Moon if you get round to them.

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