Hedge(s) of the Day

I always enjoy seeing all the different ways that people trim the hedges of their front gardens. I can’t help seeing them as quite psychologically revealing – some people like to keep their hedges rigidly trimmed in rather repressed box shapes, while others give free rein to their creative side when confronted with a hedge and a trimmer.

Here’s a couple that are in the book:

I like the way this takes the basic box-shaped hedge but does something more playful with it, using the topiary bushes to create something a bit more elaborate.

Whereas curves can also be used to create interesting effects – I very much like the way these two hedges set each other off.

I’ll put some more up as I go along. My (10-year-old) daughter always laughs when I open up my camera folders on the computer as they are so full of pictures of hedges, so there’s plenty more where these came from…


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