Publication day tomorrow, at last…

The book is officially released tomorrow. At long last, seems to have taken forever to arrive since it was originally due out last July and we put it back.

Tom Fort has reviewed it in May’s Literary Review, more reviews will be following over the next few weeks, I’m told.




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4 responses to “Publication day tomorrow, at last…

  1. Alan Gaylor

    Congratulations, Hugh, I have been more aware of the hedges caught in scenery in British television shows and movies ever since I heard about your endeavor. Now that you are actually on the market I want to purchase a copy–I’m trying to figure out how to get a copy over here in the USA. Again, congratulations. (Uncle) Alan.

    • Thanks Alan, not sure how easy it will be to get over there though it is available in theory. but I’m pretty sure you would be able to catch it being read on BBC Radio 4 (Book of the Week), on the Listen Again feature, if all else fails. Cheers, Hugh

  2. great stuff; I have a personal interest in hedges in my photography; my series “Springtime in Suburbia” looks at suburban boundaries as part of the London Villages Project and as a self published book.

    • Lovely pictures. I don’t know about the London Villages Project but I will look into it. I live near Muswell Hill, which is an old village, but the bit we live in used to be called Colney Hatch until that name got a bad reputation from association with the “Nut Hatch” and the North Circular cut it in half, so it’s a bit of a village without a name.

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