Museums at Night – thanks to all involved

Thanks to everyone who helped to organise the Museums at Night chat at Lyme Regis Museum on Friday. I was pleased and relieved to see that plenty of people came along, and found out some interesting things from the various people we chatted to afterwards, it was interesting to meet someone who participated in the CPRE hedgerow surveys a few years back, someone who helped set up the farming subsidy schemes and also the lady who was researching local lost railways lines (excuse me not knowing the names…)

Lyme is a lovely town, lots of interesting alleys and little shops and cafes, plus a great beach, sandy down by the Cobb, then pebbly further along – we went looking for fossils on the East beach*, from which I’m told you can see a gradual progession through geological eras along the coast towards (eventually) Chesil Beach. I didn’t previously know about Mary Anning but very interesting to read up on her story.

*Unsuccessfully. though we found several stones with holes in them which are lucky charms (at least that is what my wife’s grandfather told her when she was little and playing on the beach, I suppose it might be like telling a child that four-leafed clovers are magic and then relaxing in your deckchair while they spend the next two hours looking for one.)


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