Book of the Week on the iPlayer

This morning’s dose of Hedge Britannia on Radio 4’s Book of the Week is up on the iPlayer for anyone who wants to hear it.

It was interesting for me to hear how they had edited it, they stitched a few bits from different places in the book together, but I think they did a pretty smooth job of it, and I particularly enjoyed Tim Key reading it.

Also being entertained by the Twitter comments, some nice ones from people who enjoyed it and a few along the lines of “A guy on the radio is actually talking about all the different types of hedges and their history wtf”.

Also there are a few reviews online – nices ones in the Mail and the Lady, not so nice in the Telegraph but I’m not going to take it personally…



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5 responses to “Book of the Week on the iPlayer

  1. mamadog

    typical telegraph review by a know-all…..and her qualifications for being a book reviewer are what?

  2. My general plan is to not let myself start publicly niggling about bad reviews, always seems a bit undignified… I’m just pleased it wasn’t the first one as the others have been quite kind.

  3. mamadog

    Exactly the right tack to take……!

  4. Loving what I’m hearing on Radio 4 this week. We were discussing fences and hedges at the Embercombe Council recently: – I’ll suggest everyone listen.

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