Forthcoming events, talks about hedges…

I’ve got a couple of events booked over the next month or so:

On 20th June at 6.30 I’ll be at the Idler Academy in West London. Full details on that one should be up soon on their website if they aren’t too idle to update it.

I’ll also be at the Friends’ Meeting House in Nailsworth as part of the Yellow Lighted Festival, on the 11th July at 7pm.

Hopefully I will see a few people there.



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2 responses to “Forthcoming events, talks about hedges…

  1. It would be great if you could post a notice about a forthcoming hedge event on your blog. Hedgelink, ( which is the partnership that brings everyone interested in hedgerows together, to share knowledge and ideas, to encourage and inspire, and to work with farmers and other land managers to conserve and enhance our hedgerow heritage, is holding an exciting new International Symposium ‘Hedgerow Futures’. The meeting will bring together hedgerow researchers and managers on 3-5 September 2012 at the University of Stafforshire to consider several themes including biodiversity, management and sustainability. For more info please visit It might be an event too good to miss for any hedgey sorts who visit your blog.
    Emily Ledder
    Chair of Hedgelink

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