How not to impress my daughter

Recently, I’ve been trying to impress my daughter (who is ten)…

Me: Daddy’s book is on the radio.
Her: What, the one about bookshops? (She likes that one, which I edited)
Me: No, my hedge book.
Her: Dad, that’s soooo boring.
Me: I’m writing an article for a newspaper.
Her: Which one?
Me: The Sun.
Her: Is that the one with naked ladies in it?
Me. Um… yes.
Her: Why do people want to see naked ladies?
Me: Um…


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One response to “How not to impress my daughter

  1. Wlll Charlton.

    Have you focused, in “Hedge Britannia”, p 275, on the reasons why hedges were tended in the first place?

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