Yellow-Lighted Bookshop Festival – talk about hedges

On Wednesday I’ll be giving a talk about hedges at 7pm at the Friends Meeting House in Nailsworth, as part of the Yellow-Lighted Bookshop festival. I believe there are some tickets left – the details are here if anyone wants to come along.



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2 responses to “Yellow-Lighted Bookshop Festival – talk about hedges

  1. Julia Elliott

    In Hedge Britannia you say that Leylandii are unclimbable. I have a photo (but don’t know how to attach it) of my 7 year old granddaughter at the top of a 4m Leylandia hedge in Holland. The hedge has since been demolished and recycled into a climbing frame and swing.

    • Fair point, though I think I was using a bit of poetic license as I was comparing them to Tolkien’s unclimbable High Hay.

      I’d love to see the picture though, as they are definitely not the easiest climb. You could just send it to me at if you want?



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