Diggers 2012

I’ve always been fond of Gerrard Winstanley and the Diggers, so it’s interesting to see a group of people acting on the same lines today, when the land is even more tightly controlled than it was in the 17th century.

As a political issue I think the increasingly restricted and centralised ownership of land and property is only going to become more significant over the next decade or so. A lot of the issues of wealth and “poverty” are rooted in the fact that the “common people” don’t have any access to natural resources and haven’t had for a long time, while credit, money creation and usury have been used as means to inflate the price of land and property and thus to raise the price of rents and home ownership for ordinary people.

The net result is an ongoing transfer of wealth from the 99% to the 1% – and currently the 1% also have the gall to blame and punish the 99% for the mistakes made by society’s richest (bankers and landowners) during the global credit bubble. The current economic plan seems to be firstly to make the ordinary people pay for the mistakes of the bankers and secondly to reinflate the bubble in order to keep on creaming off wealth for the richest in society.

Surely there must come a point where we say we have had enough of being conned. So good luck to the new Diggers. They’ll need it.


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One response to “Diggers 2012

  1. mamadog

    Amazing guys…..and in this dreadful summer too…real heroes.

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