Instructions In Gardening for Ladies – Jane C. Loudon

I don’t usually publish gardening titles in my day job at Constable & Robinson, but this is one of mine. It’s a pretty reissue of a classic 1834 manual by Jane C. Loudon, who was also an artist who created some lovely flower paintings – we’ve added some of these to the book as appropriate decorations. It’s an interesting period piece as it comes from a period when many women would have been expected to have more delicate hobbies, and at the same time has some basic advice which is still interesting today. Rather than write more about it, here is the blurb.

Having married a gardening expert, it seemed to Jane C Loudon, that everyone around her knew far more about plants and gardening than she did, but she quickly learned the art of horticulture from her husband and decided to pass his teachings on to other ladies to help them enjoy the delights of the garden. Gardening for Ladies was, and still is, an entirely practical book that describes how a lady can make the most of her garden in a clear and precise way. Digging over a flowerbed might have been work for a rough-handed, rope-muscled garden worker, but Jane explained how a lady could tackle the job without undue strain, and explained why it was necessary. The advice and instruction in this classic gardening book is as relevant today as it was when it was written 180 years ago.


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