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Hedge project at Hilperton and Paxcomb

I’ve just been told about a lovely local hedge project at Hilperton and Paxcomb in Wiltshire. To quote:

Over the coming months Alex Murdin and other community representatives will be asking new and old residents to get creative in rediscovering the hedges and fields of the past and looking at ways of continuing to grow and nurture plants and wildlife in and around today’s new village and homes. With the aim of supporting local biodiversity and making up for hedgerows which were lost we’ll be hoping to plant some edible wild plants in public spaces with local volunteers. We’ll also be trying to discover what residents are now growing on the old fields, in their gardens or even inside their homes.hEdges of Hilperton and Paxcroft Mead is an art project celebrating the unique heritage of the area and in particular the old fields and hedges. The ancient field systems which have grown over thousands of years have shaped both the old village the way new housing has been planned.

They’ve even got a free foraging and hedgerow drink making event on the 23rd of Maywhere you can make a hedgerow cocktail and ‘go foraging with the award winning Ethicurian team’

Sounds fabulous. Full details at

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