Freeman’s Wood, Lancaster

I’ve just been contacted by John Angus about a really interesting project on land ownership near Lancaster: I will let him explain and give the link:

I am running an art project about landownership which I thought might be of interest to you, even though it does not feature any hedges, only a fence. 
The project focusses on a plot of land known as Freeman’s Wood, which is on the edge of the city of Lancaster, as an illustrative example. This site has been used by local people for decades, and they have regarded it as common land, but fencing was installed around it in 2012, resulting in public unrest and reports in the local press.
The land is owned by a property investment company which is registered in Bermuda. The director of the UK development company for the site is a polo-playing friend of Prince Charles. So this scrubby patch of land has direct links to global economic, political, and social networks.
I commissioned three sets of artists to produce artworks to stimulate thought about, and raise awareness of, the issue of landownership.  
Layla Curtis has produced an iPhone app called TRESPASS, featuring GPS tracked conversations.  The user has to consider trespassing to hear all of them.   Goldin+Senneby bought a plot of land and produced a script about its history.  This script is now the description of the plot in a fake estate agent’s sale particulars. 
Sans Facon created a board game which requires players to role-play the various stakeholders in a plot of land, and negotiate responses to various events. 
There is more information on our website

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