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Sheep from Oats – a sonnet about hedges

When I was in Nailsworth last week, talking about hedges, I was given a poem about hedges – I didn’t catch his name, though it had the copyright below – I hope he doesn’t mind me putting it up here. He did emphasize that it is a work in progress – happy to credit it properly if he wants to get in touch – either way it was a rather lovely thing to be given

Sheep from Oats

A hedge to separate the sheep from oats,

The pastoralist and agriculturalist,

Once liable to red-descending mist,

Are besom-pals, their vision void of motes.

For ‘bound and twisted’ hedgerow antidotes

Mean stock and crops now safely co-exist

Thanks to the hedger, landscape alchemist,

Whose skills for peace he year-on-year devotes.

But hedges other benefits unlock.

In diverse habitats for varied life,

Fauna and flora side-by-side evolve,

Not separated like the crops and stock.

Selection’s left to chance and natural strife,

Hedge conservation must be man’s resolve.

Copyright: Nizgal May 2012.

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