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A Skeleton in the Cherry Tree

My daughter gets excited about Halloween, and has been decorating.

Thus far we have:

1. Cobweb design plastic table cloth

2. Several chains of pumpkin and skull decorations on the mantlepiece and bookshelves. Also in the hall.

3. Carved pumpkin with scary lipstick design.

4. Cobwebs and more skeletons hanging in the window.

5. A witch sitting in a chair outside (for the trick or treaters).

6. Spider’s web with big black spider in the cherry tree in the front yard.

7. Skeleton in the cherry tree.

8. A rubber bat hanging out of her bedroom window.

She is currently dressed up as a black cat and chasing her tail while she waits for her friends (another black cat and a witch, apparently). Then I will be accompanying while they go round and try to extort sweets out of the neighbours.

I’m sure it was simpler than this when I was a kid.


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